Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dessert | Madeleine Patisserie, ii

Did I not say that we'd be back at Madeleine Patisserie very soon? Well, we made a stop there yesterday because Marcus and I were getting a serious case of the macaron munchies.

Marcus always jokes about how he wants to eat every single macaron in the bakery (refer to his "tractor" comment during our first visit to Madeleine Patisserie), so I usually laugh and don't think much of it. Until yesterday.

We went into Madeleine Patisserie, and his eyes didn't lose sight of any of those macarons. I was too busy taking photos to notice anything unusual happening until I heard Marcus talking to one of the girls at the counter.
Marcus: So, uh, how much would it cost, hypothetically, to get every single flavor of macaron?

My jaw drops. Thoughts going through my head: Wait, what?! Marcus, you're not being serious, are you?

Girl at the counter: *looks at him like he's absolutely insane* Uhhh, let me count and check.

She goes to count all the macaron rows and calculates how much for us.

Girl at the counter: About $50.

There were about 20-25 different flavors offered yesterday. I was pretty sure after hearing it would cost $50 that we were just going to leave the bakery with 8-10 macarons, which is plenty to satisfy our intense macaron craving.

Marcus: *responds with nearly no hesitation* Okay, I'll do it.

My mouth is still wide open.

Stefie: Seriously, Marcus? Are you sure?
Marcus: Yes -- I wasn't kidding earlier -- I want to try them all.
Stefie: Okay, me too. Let me split it with you.

And here continues our $50 venture together.

Marcus was even willing to carry the pink shopping bag that they gave us to carry the macarons.

Our $50 splurge: a treasure chest filled with 20 or so macarons!

Marcus: Ahhh, it's like the Legend of Zelda! Only instead of opening a treasure chest to find hardcore-glowing treasure, there's a bunch of macarons instead.
Stefie: Hahaha, I guess so.

Behold! All the flavors of macaron they offered yesterday at Madeleine Patisserie!

The flavors contained in our treasure chest (* marks my favorites; bold marks Marcus's; cross-outs mark ones we really didn't like):
  1. *Pepsi / lime
  2. caramel fleur de sel
  3. orange
  4. nougat / lavender
  5. vanilla
  6. milk chocolate / vanilla
  7. *pistachio
  8. strawberry
  9. piña colada
  10. white chocolate / cassis
  11. chocolate
  12. passion fruit / banana
  13. *almond
  14. *apricot / champagne
  15. lemon
  16. *raspberry
  17. *praline
  18. *espresso / lemon zest
  19. rose
  20. praline / nougat / lavender / fig / orange

Findings: Not sure if I would want to do that kind of splurge again (perhaps not until Ladurée in Paris), but it was definitely an experience, I'll say! It was a little too much sugar high, and our stomachs were stuffed from the macarons all the way until late at night. Nevertheless, we got a feel for the other flavors offered at Madeleine Patisserie (it seems as though they rotate flavors in and out). At the same time, however, I REALLY enjoyed each of the four we selected during our first visit equally. I'd have to say that those four are probably my all-time favorites from the 23 total flavors we sampled from Madeleine Patisserie. All in all, I recommend getting a small sample (2-4 per person, as we did during our first visit) of flavors (new and/or old favorites) during each visit. I think the chances are better that you will select flavors that you will enjoy more, instead of having a bunch of random macarons whose flavors aren't so favorable. Plus, you'll just have to make more frequent visits! :]

Price point: one of each macaron flavor (about 20) for $50.

--August 21, 2010

Madeleine Patisserie

132 West 23rd Street
New York, NY 10011

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