Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fresh Find | notNeutral City Plates

notNeutral, a creation of Rios Clementi Hale Studios (RCHS), is a "product design company that creates design-oriented lifestyle products" based on RCHS projects, past and present. I stumbled upon these "metropolitan" plates when I was casually browsing UncommonGoods.com for some gift ideas. The entire City Plate collection consists of 20 cities: Berlin, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Cairo, New Orleans, Washington DC, Las Vegas, Dubai, New York, St. Petersburg, Brasilia, Melbourne, London, Rome, Mexico City, Tokyo, Chicago, Montreal, Paris, and Mumbai. Within the entire collection, the "cities" are then grouped in 5 different subcollections (containing 4 plates each): (1) Critical Mass; (2) Culture and Capital(ism); (3) Capital Migration; (4) Empire Building: The Grandiose City; and (5) Past, Present, Future: Urban Design Visionaries. See each subcollection description using link provided at the end of this post--the descriptions are very informative and also illustrate the meticulous planning on part of the plate collection's designers.

Sleek and contemporary as well as unique (who knew you could not only serve delicious food on dinnerware, but also get a history lesson or two behind the world's greatest cities!), these plates are perfect for ooh-ing and aah-ing dinner guests and great for some intellectual dinner conversation! I'd love to get my hands on a couple--New York, of course, and perhaps Chicago or Paris :]

"New York" plate detail.

notNeutral: Rios Clementi Hale Studios
City Plates collection, here at notNeutral.com
Price point: $50 each, $190 for each subcollection, $900 for full collection.


  1. Fishs Edy has some cool NYC plates too:

    They're cute, have the skyline and are pretty cheap ($15/dinner plate).

  2. Haha ya! I saw that on your registry! I wanted to blog about it but I didn't want to take credit for you finding those gorgeous plates!



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