Friday, August 13, 2010

List | 2010 To-Dine-At

The next ten (ideally speaking, that is) "dinner" spots I'd like to visit before year's end:
  1. *Gramercy Tavern (I need to experience another Danny-Meyer-inspired concept of a restaurant)
  2. Soba Nippon (my mom wants me to bring her here--I mean, who can say no to a soba buffet?)
  3. Rai Rai Ken (going tonight with Marcus!)
  4. 15 East (bringing Marcus here for his birthday in early October)
  5. *Daniel (this would be my second Relais & Chateau [NYC] restaurant!)
  6. Maialino (yet another Danny Meyer creation, with Linda, of course, per her recommendation--sometime this month!)
  7. *La Grenouille (for the chocolate soufflé, as raved about by Lisa)
  8. Marea (definitely would love to see what all the latest fuss is about!)
  9. Alto (I'd like to try the sangria, especially since it was recommended by Jess)
  10. Grimaldi's Pizzeria (I plan to walk the Brooklyn Bridge this fall, so that will be the perfect time to visit!)

The next five "dessert" spots I'd like to visit before year's end, mostly as part of my current work-in-progress--a four-flight intensive cupcakery crawl (more details to follow in subsequent posts):

  1. Two Little Red Hens / LadyBird Bakery (Upper East Side, NYC / Park Slope, Brooklyn) [thanks for the news update, Shayna!]
  2. The Best Chocolate Cake in the World (SoHo, New York City)
  3. *François Chocolate Bar (Upper East Side, New York City)
  4. Macaron Café (Midtown East, New York City)
  5. Sweet Sugar Sunshine (Lower East Side, New York City)

The next five "brunch" spots I'd like to visit before year's end:

  1. Essex (Lower East Side, New York City)
  2. Calle Ocho (Upper West Side, New York City)
  3. Isabella's (Upper West Side, New York City)
  4. Clinton Street Baking Co. (Lower East Side, New York City)
  5. Public (SoHo, New York City)

*No immediate plans yet, but there's always wishful thinking before year's end!

Wish me luck--the countdown begins now until December 31! Let's see how many I can knock out by then!


  1. Hey Stefie!

    Two Little Red Hens started in Brooklyn with two owners, expanded to Manhattan, and then the owners split. The Brooklyn bakery is now called LadyBird Bakery. And you, my friend are in luck. My mom is friends with Mary Louise, the owner of LadyBird, who is making my wedding cake! So you get to taste the supreme deliciousness for yourself in two weeks!

  2. Just updated the post with accurate information :]

  3. Whoops! Not Red Hook (that's probably Baked you're thinking of), Park Slope!



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