Here's just a compilation of press that Four Tines and a Napkin has received since it has become readable to the public. I wanted to be able to keep track of all of this press, especially visually, that the blog has been receiving. I am so grateful for all of the exposure these individuals/organizations/bloggers/restaurants/the like/etc. have given me over the course of Four Tines' digital life--thank you all for spreading the word! I've outlined the relevant areas of these screenshots in pink for easy viewing.

Mia Chef Gelateria || | We Are Blushing | July 2011

JAQK Cellars || | Press Room | "JAQK Cellars in the News" | March 2011 
"The level of innovation, thought, and passion by JAQK Cellars founders and designers (all in the same here) is simply just astounding. The added level of 'play' makes the experience with these wines more modern and enjoyable, without all the pretension typically experienced in the wine world."

Culintro | Life, on the Line lecture || | Culintro on Facebook | May 10, 2011
"Culintro interviews Chef Grant Achatz on his book Life, On the Line. Check out a transcript at"
I received a nice retweet from Culintro as well:
Great recap! RT : New post on interview last night led by of with at NYPL!

Eater NY | Brushstroke (NYC) || | Good News, Bad News || April 28, 2011

"The He's Outdone Himself News: Stefie of Four Tines and a Napkin pens a lengthy review of Brushstroke, complete with many beautiful photos, and she really loved it. She writes "I really believe Chef Bouley has really outdone himself with Brushstroke--in design and in cuisine. The collaboration with the Tsuji cooking school of Osaka is undoubtedly evident in the execution of all of the dishes that are served to the restaurant's patrons. Everything is meticulous, deliberate, and pragmatically implemented. There have been many times I've been to restaurants where American chefs attempt to carry out Japanese/Pan-Asian cuisine to the best of their ability, but more times than not, the menu offerings result in a fusion of dishes that stray away from the traditional dishes (most of the time for the worse--not enhancing it at all), making them highly "Americanized." ... However, in the case of Chef Bouley's Brushstroke (and my experience at Chef Harold Dieterle's Thai spot, Kin Shop), you most certainly do not feel this way at all. You feel as if you're in a Japanese restaurant, free of American context, perhaps even to the point where you're sitting at a restaurant counter in Kyoto, Japan... But nevertheless, Chef Bouley respects authenticity to its highest honor--where there is no skepticism or suspicion that these dishes aren't prepared in the traditional Japanese ways, perhaps with a little modern twist that enhances the overall experience of the dish. After all, that's what conducting all the work, studies, and experiments in the Bouley test kitchen was for--the bragging rights for true authenticity." [Four Tines and a Napkin]

Tribeca Citizen | Brushstroke (NYC) || | Restaurant/Bar News 
"New Kids on the Block" || April 21, 2011

"UPDATE: Stefie of Four Tines and a Napkin was there last night (see the comments); here's her write-up of the meal."

James Beard Foundation | JBF LTD: Laurent Gras (NYC) ||
What's New blog || April 16, 2011

I received a nice tweet mention from the Foundation as well:
A great recap of the experience from @. We're so glad you had a good time!

The Meatball Shop (NYC) || | Press section | Online || April 2011

I even received an e-mail from Chef Daniel Holzman himself, which read:
Thanks for the awesome Blog review!  I really appreciate it, so glad you love our restaurant. 
We're linking to your site, cheers. --Daniel

Veritas (NYC) || | Press section || April 2011

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