Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Guest Post | If I was a baller...

I will make it out to these places eventually. El Bulli, you're first up not only due to reputation, but also sheer urgency before you temporarily close your doors!
  1. El Bulli - Roses, Catalonia, Spain

  2. Per Se - New York, NY, USA

  3. Joel Robuchon (ジョエル・ロブション) - Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan

  4. Eleven Madison Park - New York, NY, USA

  5. Genyadana Hamadaya (玄冶店 濱田家) - Chuo-Ku, Toyko, Japan

  6. Purnell's - Birmingham, United Kingdom

  7. A Voce - New York, NY, USA

  8. La Cote St. Jacques - Joigny, Burgundy, France

  9. Lung King Heen (龍景軒) - Central, Hong Kong, China

  10. Park Avenue Winter - New York, NY, USA (also...to meet myself)

I think EMP is my next stop (more realistically speaking).

I was so tempted to put down Le Bernadin too! Not being the biggest seafood buff, I may find it sitting slightly lower on my list :) I haven't heard of Tomoe Sushi before, but I think I have to go now!

Bucket List | If only money were no object...

So, if money were no object, here is my immediate list of restaurants to dine at in the next 3-5 years:
  1. El Bulli (Roses, Spain)

  2. French Laundry (Yountville, California)

  3. The Fat Duck (Berkshire, England)

  4. per se (Columbus Circle, New York City)

  5. Alinea (Chicago, Illnois)

  6. Gramercy Tavern (Gramercy Park, New York City)

  7. A Voce (Columbus Circle, New York City)

  8. Tomoe Sushi (SoHo, New York City)

  9. Babbo (West Village, New York City)

  10. Le Bernardin (Midtown West, New York City)

How about you, Umami? :)

Pilot Post | Here's to my new culinary venture!

I finally have a portal where we can formally (and informally) share, along with my guest post-ers, our fascination, our adventures, and our endeavors (however grand) with haute cuisine and all other hedonist sundry! Notice the French Laundry color scheme--so exciting! :) Kampai!


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