Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fresh Find | PoachPods

There's nothing I love more for breakfast than poached eggs. But there's also nothing I hate more than screwing up poached eggs somehow because of the finicky whirl of boiling water and white vinegar that I can't seem to get down completely. I found a quick and easy fix whilst at Sur La Table -- Fusionbrands creates playful yet practical line of products for fun and challenge-free cooking.

Among these products are PoachPods -- a flexible silicone cooking tool for poaching eggs which float in boiling water "like a lily pad on a pond" to create a "perfectly domed-shaped egg" when finished. All you have to do is to add a little oil to the pod and coat it lightly, boil a saucepan with water, and once it boils, drop the pods in for about four to six minutes over simmering water, and you'll have some deliciously poached eggs. Plus, these pods are totally dishwasher safe, making clean-up hassle-free!

One tool that I got in tandem with my PoachPods is the PoachPod Lift. This tool's use is two-fold: for {1,2} lowering and lifting the pods into and out of the boiling/simmering water as well as helping to release the poached egg from the pod more easily by {3} flipping the tool upside down and using the spoon-end of it.

I own two sets of these PoachPods myself, and I've gotten so much use out of these many-a-time during breakfast/brunch at the apartment.

PoachPod and PoachPod Lift
Price point: $10 for a set of two PoachPods and $4 for PoachPod Lift, here and here at Fusionbrands

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