Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fresh Find | Nespresso Aeroccino Plus

This little kitchen gadget has been on my wishlist for a while now, all having started with my family's obsession with fine coffees and bold espressos. My aunt Cynthia was on a coffee frenzy a few years ago (but hey, let's face it, it's still happening :P), and she went on a gourmet shopping spree at Williams-Sonoma, buying up a generously sized Nespresso espresso maker alongside sleeves and sleeves of bean capsules as well as this Nespresso Aeroccino Plus, essentially a relatively compact milk heater/frother. Once I saw her use it for the first time, I saw my future flash across my eyes -- one filled with many hot beverages glistening with the warm creamy yet bubbly cloud of milk atop them. Imagine all of those chai lattes, macchiatos, and cappuccinos that could be made with this sleek machine.

With an eight-ounce capacity, the Aeroccino comes with two whisk attachments -- one for frothing milk/cream and the other for warming it. A few other features which makes this contraption even more awesome is that it's incredibly easy to clean (the pitcher is waterproof but not dishwasher safe), that it turns off automatically once it's done warming/frothing (heats and froths quite quickly), and that it is so very quiet when it does its thing (not like those high-powered milk steamers attached to commercial coffee machines we see and hear so frequently inside coffee shops).

So while the price tag is a little hefty, thanks to the latest 15% promotion with Williams-Sonoma (plus free shipping), I finally gave in and got myself one -- undoubtedly the best thing I've bought myself all year. So if you're a coffee fanatic or someone who entertains a lot, it may be the next hot beverage accessory to add to your repertoire of brewing gadgetry.

Aeroccino Plus milk frother/warmer
Price point: $99.95, here at Williams-Sonoma

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