Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Etcetera | Four Tines, 2.0

I am very happy (and incredibly excited!) to announce that Four Tines and a Napkin has stepped up to a better version of itself (well, aesthetically at least). I solicited the awesome illustrating-calligraphy talent of Molly from Molly Jacques Illustration to assist me in bringing to life a vision I have had for my little blog here for the past year or so. What I was looking for was a simple design (perhaps with some fun typography mixed in) that included an illustration of a fork, dining utensils, and/or napkin as well as the "ode to gourmandise and epicurean delights" tagline. And that is exactly what we worked so hard over the past couple weeks to unveil as the heralding of Four Tines 2.0 -- seriously, sound the bugles and drums, and look up! It came out even better than I had imagined in my head -- my favorite part being the tailored marks surrounding the text (nearly resembling the fluid movement of cloth napkins) in contrast to the stark and bold sans-serif text (with the Art Deco-esque "E" so fun).

So long, Four Tines 1.0. It was a fantastic run for the past two years -- Getty Images really got my sense of humor with this one. Thank you for being so reliable and easy to create within (please don't laugh) Microsoft Paint before I had gotten my hands on Photoshop. I'm sure you'll continue to make cameos here and there!



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