Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fresh Find | The Joy of Ex Foundation quips

I came across the cheeky products by Joy of Ex Foundation through A Cup of Jo (can't find the original post) and then later Georgie Girl NYC. Particularly this one about book clubs:

This "My Book Club Only Reads Wine Labels" tote is sure to put a little laugh in your day.

As it turns out, The Joy of Ex Foundation was founded by Sally Beerworth when her own divorce almost cost her her smile. As such, she began writing a funny novel to make herself giggle. While writing this book, she decided to start this "foundation" to make others smile, first as a Facebook group, sharing her funny quips as an attempt to get others to smile. People started asking her for her quotes to be printed on merchandise and such, and thus resulted in this little enterprise of hers which now is stocked in stores and galleries all throughout the UK, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Spain, France, and Brazil.

Anyway, I decided to share some of my favorite food-related merchandise by The Joy of Ex Foundation, all of which are surely to put a smile on your face!

I'm sure all chocolate lovers will come to appreciate this little print, "I Can Hear a Chocolate Foil from 100 Yards" -- a chocolate lover's gotta do what he/she's gotta do.

"Leftovers are for Underachievers" is perfect for when the going gets tough at the dining table. Eat through the pain, as Marcus has said before.

For those finding comfort in a pint of ice cream, you may find yourself saying this, "I Am in a Love Triangle with Ben & Jerry." Great -- now I have some Cherry Garcia calling my name!

As all kitchens are for dancing, "My Kitchen is for Dancing" just reminds us to have a little fun there!

Calling all bakers -- this apron dons the mantra for all of you: "Proud to Lick Cake Bowls!"

The Joy of Ex Foundation
assorted food-related prints, here at Not on the High Street and here at Joy of Ex
Price point: $17.72 for each tote bag, $5.35 for each set of four postcards, $16.07 for each "A4"-sized print, $37.51 for each apron.

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