Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fresh Find | The Word Shop prints

I first came across The Word Shop on Etsy from a posting on Outblush. It was for the Bacon Strips: Anatomy of Perfection print below. I love the cheeky humor and the visual puns that its prints play upon beholding them.

As you already know from my Fresh Find feature on Pop Chart Lab, I'm a little obsessed with visual charts. This anatomy chart is so awesome as it details the anatomy of the perfectly seared strip of bacon -- my favorite descriptor has to be fatty fat. I remember sending this over to my friend Jessica and her response was, "Wait, isn't it ALL good fat?!" Needless to say, this print is hanging right above my kitchen pass-through.

A play on the traditional eye charts found at the optometrist's office is this print, which reads, Your Love is Better than Ice Cream. I love the design here -- I'm a sucker for eye charts, haha -- as this hangs right above my cookbook shelf in my bedroom, only not light blue, but red.

Similar to the above print, this one reads, You Are the Frosting to My Cupcake. Cute phrasing!

Here is another anatomy-inspired print, only here it's with barista-made coffee beverages (i.e., caffé latté, cappuccino, and caffé mocha). I would love to add this to my walls, but alas, I am pretty much out of prime real estate there!

My love for the New York Coffee Cup (aka, the Anthora Cup) is illustrated in this print, only the phrasing isn't on the cup and its wording is changed slightly to We Are Happy to Love You. I'm making an exception for this one -- I plan this to be my next print purchase!

The Word Shop
assorted food-related prints, here at The Word Shop on Etsy.com
Price point: 8" x 10" prints for $12.95 each, 11" x 14" prints for $15.95 each.

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