Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fresh Find | Joseph Joseph kitchenwares

During some of my therapeutic shopping visits (you know, the kind that women like to have after during a bad day) to Sur La Table, I've come across some interestingly designed kitchenware, bold and bright in its technicolor glory, by a brand called Joseph Joseph. You cannot help but get lured in by its sleek and pragmatic design as well as its swatches of gorgeous rainbows. To those who are estranged with the kitchen, cooking and baking now seems like a possibility.

Twin brothers Richard and Antony Joseph founded Joseph Joseph in 2003, combining their respective experience in product design and business -- Antony studied design while Richard went the business route. Specializing in contemporary kitchenware, Joseph Joseph is "now internationally recognized for producing some of the most stylish and technically innovative products available." The company's "unique ability to match form and function has earned them global recognition for their multi-award-winning designs.

For those with limited space in the kitchen, the "Nest" utensils collection is the perfect space-saving solution. The sleek, compact design does not sacrifice each utensil's intended function/use. Plus, the bold colors make it even more fun!

I own a spatula from the "Elevate" utensil collection, whose purpose is "the hygienic solution to messy utensils," and I think it's one of the best things I've purchased for the kitchen. There's no need for a spoon rest for placing utensils in mid-use, and there's no need to wash more than one utensil. The utensil itself has its own rest, without creating additional mess. I'm tempted to get a few more items from this collection now!

Another cool utensil I came across is the "Twist" whisk -- one that is able to become a flat whisk (perfect for mixing in low pans) and a balloon whisk (for whipping eggs and the like) with just the turn of the wrist. The added bonus is the whisk itself is made using silicone-coated steel that works well with non-stick cookware and is perfect for scraping and combining ingredients. This is another space saving tool as you will no longer need two separate whisks!

I found this fold-flat grater at Whole Foods Market when I desperately needed one. Its two primary selling points are that it can be stored flatly and that it has two different grating sizes. It also very easy to clean.

I also own this very last item -- it's a
spaghetti measure that has a little toggle that changes the circumference of the circle to indicate how much spaghetti you will need for 1-4 individual(s). I usually try to eyeball pasta when I make it, but this makes it so much easier!

It is very easy to fall in love with these awesome kitchen tools designed by Joseph Joseph -- I know I want to own every single one of its products on its website. Form and function never looked so pretty in the kitchen.

Joseph Joseph
assortment of well-designed kitchenware, here at Joseph Joseph
Price point: $25 for "Nest" utensils, $40 for entire "Elevate" utensil collection, $10 for "Twist" whisk, $20 for fold-flat grater, $7 for spaghetti measure.

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