Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fresh Find | Lifefactory reusable glass bottle

I had been on the search for a really good reusable water bottle that did not use plastic (water wears them out too easily for my liking, particularly with that resulting intense plastic odor) or stainless steel (water was too metallic in taste for me), leaving glass as my only option and search parameter.

Then I came across these Lifefactory bottles at Whole Foods one day -- a glass bottle with a silicone sleeve for better grip and handling as well as a loop screw-cap. It definitely encourages me to consume more water while I'm working during the day without worrying about wear and tear. This bottle also allows for easy care and cleaning -- I usually just throw in the bottle and the cap into my daily dishwasher load. Highly recommended!

16 oz. glass bottle with flip-top cap and classic loop cap
Price point: $22.99, here at


  1. Not at all -- each bottle has a silicone net around it :)

    1. I was just curious because I break things with an alarming regularity. I think my Camelbak water bottles are the only things that haven't broken yet. ::knock on wood::

    2. Nah, I'd say it's quite durable :) I'm a total klutz and I haven't broken anything yet *knocks on wood* lol



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