Monday, February 27, 2012

Fresh Find | Justin's Nut Butter

So my latest cupboard fixation are with Justin's Nut Butters. I discovered them while roaming around inside Whole Foods Market, reminding me of a post from Oh Joy! that I saw last summer. Justin's Nut Butters was founded in 2002 by Justin Gold, "an active outdoor vegetarian who started with a food processor in his home kitchen and began selling 16-ounce jars to natural food stores in Boulder, Colorado."

All of the nut butters from Justin's are "made in small batches to preserve premium quality standard and fresh taste" with the "highest quality natural and organic ingredients that are sustainably harvested, found as locally as possible, and are simple and nutritious. Among the main ingredients of these nut butters is palm fruit oil from an organic farm in Brazil, as it "minimizes oil separation which many consumers prefer as well as contains no trans-fatty acids and much less saturated fat than coconut and palm kernel oil."

Its flavors include honey almond butter, chocolate almond butter, chocolate hazelnut butter (like Nutella), and maple almond butter. My personal favorites are the honey almond and the chocolate almond. They go really well with warmly toasted brioche or just a toasted slice of bread. Once you taste a bit of this, you'll be hopelessly addicted, guaranteed.

Justin's Nut Butters
assorted flavors, here at Justin's Nut Butter
Price point: $9.99 per jar or $0.99 per squeeze packet at nationwide Whole Foods Market locations.

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