Friday, October 19, 2012

Etcetera | Friday Fanfare, 2012.10.19

Just wanted to pop in and apologize for my radio silence over here at Four Tines this past week -- deadlines are piling up in my bean counting world, so hopefully that will start winding down next week, with posts to queue up soon! The weekend ahead seems like it's going to be quite full of eating (no complaints here!) -- I'm off to Smorgasburg tomorrow for the first time (!) with some friends, a slow-braised dinner at home (going to attempt this recipe from From Away) and then noodles at Cocoron Soba on Sunday. 

Happy weekend to you all -- hope you're finding some awesome things for nommin'! Here's a round-up to quench your inner foodie.

A peppery paradise at the Union Square Greenmarket.

This week's noteworthy eats:

Some ruminating reads:

In case you missed it:

A roundup of drool-worthy recipes:

On the blotter for upcoming noms:
  • Crif Dogs now has a hot dog truck!
  • Gothamist shares a doughnut map for the NYC area compiled by independent publisher, All You Can Eat.
  • Chef Andrew Camellini plans to name is upcoming NoHo French bistro, Lafayette.
  • Wild mushrooms hit the New Amsterdam Market.
  • Everybody's crazy about Roberta's/Blanca -- check out this slideshow from this week's New York Times review by Pete Wells as well as this slideshow of "food porn" in Vanity Fair.
  • Time Out New York on the new ramen joint Dassara in Brooklyn.
  • Grub Street New York rounds up the best places to find homemade tofu in the city.
  • The Amateur Gourmet on a return visit to Zuni Cafe in San Francisco and how restaurants don't necessarily change by the diners do.

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  1. Don't know if you've already seen this but I think it's perfect for one of your et cetera columns...



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