Monday, March 26, 2012

Lunch | Asiadog, ii

During the weekend that Marcus and I made it to Greenpoint/Williamsburg (here and here), we actually began our day with a little lunch at Asiadog, the "brick-and-mortar" Nolita storefront of the initially mobile venture. I bought a Gilt City deal for the shop ($10 worth of food for $5), we were in for quite a bargain! We've had grub from Asiadog before while at the Brooklyn Flea and during a concert at the Central Park SummerStage last summer, so we were quite familiar with its diverse Asian-inspired toppings on hot dogs.

Love the woods used in front of the store!

Sandwich board for hot dogs!

The menu at Asiadog. Love the minimalist graphics next to each menu item!

Marcus tried the fresh-squeezed limeade soda, and it was as refreshing as it sounded! Great ration of sweet and tart while bubbly throughout.

As for hot dogs, Marcus had our usual favorite, the Wangding (i.e., Chinese BBQ pork belly with cucumber and scallions), along with one we hadn't tried before, the Sidney (i.e., Thai mango relish -- cucumber, red onion, and cilantro -- and crushed peanuts). The Wangding was a little more saucy than usual, which kind of overpowered the pork belly and accompanying cucumbers. However, the Sidney was surprisingly refreshing, like a Thai-flavored slaw topping the hot dog. The peanuts were a nice touch, adding a hearty crunch to the vinegary texture of the relish.

I also had the Wangding and the Vinh (i.e., banh mi style with pork paté, spicy aioli, cucumber, pickled carrot, daikon, jalapeno, and cilantro). The Vinh might be my new favorite hot dog at Asiadog -- it was basically a banh mi sandwich, only instead of the traditional minced pork meat, it was a beef hot dog underneath the pickled vegetables, paté, and aioli. Absolutely delicious!

Findings: After assessing Asiadog more closely at its shop and comparing it to our experience at Japadog, I still think Asiadog is my favorite (Asian) hot dog spot in the city. The variety of the menu's offering spans the gamut to fit any one's palate for most popular Asian cuisines (e.g., Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, etc.). Also nice to have a new favorite every now and then -- the Vinh for me and the Sidney for Marcus. So if you're in the area and are looking for a quick, inexpensive bite to eat, go to Asiadog! It satifies any lurking hunger for sure :)!

Price point: 2 hot dogs for $8, $3 for freshly squeezed limeade soda; $5 for $10 worth of food via Gilt City!

--March 3, 2012

66 Kenmare Street
New York, NY 10012

Gilt City
Asiadog deal was available here*!

* This deal is no longer available, as the event has passed.


  1. Those were the exact two I had, too, Stef! Next time you go, you have to try the yam fries. They were my favorite part of the meal.

  2. Haha too funny! Ooh sounds good :) will have to do that!



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