Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fresh Find | MaeMae Paperie custom stamps

I first heard about MaeMae Paperie through a sample sale deal going on at Joss & Main. MaeMae Paperie is a multi-faceted stationery company that offers custom wedding stationery services, celebratory paper goods, and social stationery as well.

What took my interest, though, were its business card stamps that come in 20 different designs. The minimalist yet quirky style displays originality as well as effective communication of relevant business information. It is versatile as well, allowing the creation of asymmetrical, original-looking business cards as well as stationery headers for business correspondence. The deal for this MaeMae Paperie product on Joss & Main was almost too good to pass up for a custom stamp -- $39.95 for a business card stamp that is originally priced at $72!

Here's the one I made for Four Tines and a Napkin! I went with the "Harriot Outline" design because liked the postage stamp outline of it as well as the typefaces used. Cannot wait to use it on all types of papers, stationery, and the like!

MaeMae Paperie
business card stamps, here at MaeMae Paperie
Price point: $72 at MaeMaePaperie.com, $39.95 with Joss & Main deal*.

* This deal is no longer available, but if you sign up at Joss & Main to receive daily deals that may include MaeMae Paperie in the future!

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