Monday, April 25, 2011

Fresh Find | Archie Grand notebooks

I made a weekend trip to Philadelphia this weekend to visit Dan, and we stumbled upon this knick knack store (i.e., a housewares and gift shop) called Open House in Center City. During our perusals there, I stumbled upon a bunch of notebooks by Archie Grand. For obvious reasons, the below notebook caught my eye:

The cover of this particular notebook reads Chefs I've Met and Liked. I immediately knew I had to get this as a little present for myself. Archie Grand notebooks have 120 blank pages of high quality paper to soak up any kind of ink. These pages are sewn to the spine for a great feel and durability. While it was a little disappointing to find out the notebook has unlined pages, I guess not all is lost--I can do some kind of scrapbook style documentation here perhaps. I'm looking forward to filling this with my experiences of meeting new and long-time chefs during my adventures in the culinary realm--just gotta figure out how to best utilize this notebook! I was thinking I could document the date I've met a said chef and enclose the restaurant's business card followed with a brief description of how the meeting came to be, noting any interesting conversation points. Any other ideas? I'm open to any and all suggestions!

Archie Grand
Chefs I've Met and Liked notebook
Price point: $11 here at Jasper + Black

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