Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fresh Find | Rifle Paper Co. illustrated notes

My mom ordered me the cutest personalized stationery for the holidays from Rifle Paper Co., a boutique stationery brand and design studio located in Winter Park, Florida. I've been eyeing its custom illustrated personalized stationery for quite some time now, so it was exciting to finally be able to see how this awesome paper boutique could portray little ol' Stefie!

Ta-da! Look at that awesome packaging--reminds me of that line in "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music:
". . . brown paper packages tied up with strings--
These are a few of my favorite things . . ."
The striped twine also reminds me of the ones used to tie the cake boxes at Eileen's Special Cheesecake in Nolita--for something fresh out of the oven, except instead of cheesecake, it's newly printed stationery! The tag tied to it absolutely makes the packaging--"Personalized Flat Notes made especially for Stefie!"

The process behind creating the little, cute illustrated version of me was very easy and accommodating. Very shortly after placing the order with the basics (i.e., my name*, custom illustration type [single portrait, double, more], number of flat notes, lettering choice/color), Rifle Paper contacted me asking me for more detailed information regarding my custom illustration of myself, including:
(1) hair color and style,
(2) skin tone,
(3) accessories (scarf, hat, pipe, etc.), and
(4) attire (to be drawn from the neck up so something like a scarf, tie, etc.)
So after replying saying that I have black hair that is styled in a medium-bob; that I have a medium skin tone; that I would like to be accessorized in a chef's hat (a toque, if I wanted to sound pretentious, haha); and that I wish to be sporting a red scarf and holding a wooden spoon, Rifle Paper e-mailed me an initial proof of what they had in mind from my description. I absolutely loved it, so what you see below was the e-mailed proof in its final form! Don't ya think it's quite the splitting image of yours truly? :D

I highly recommended working with Rifle Paper Co. with any of your stationery/illustration customization needs--they are lovely and very easy to work with!

I can't wait to begin correspondence with my nearest and dearest on these nifty flat notes, so if you're near and dear, expect some snail mail from Lil' Chef Stefie very soon!

Rifle Paper Co.
Illustrated Notes, template personalized here or custom illustration here at
Price point: template personalized stationery starting at $75 for 25 flat notes with envelopes, custom illustration for a single portrait at $100 (plus 25 flat cards with envelopes starting at $65).

* Please note that my last name is blurred out in the stationery photographs.


  1. I LOVE Rifle! Those are so cute! Go Mama K! I looked into having them do my wedding invites, but alas left it too close to the wire to make it happen. Anyhow, send me a notecard! I want to see them!

  2. Will do, Shay :) they have beautiful wedding invitations--can't stop ogling them!

  3. Thanks for working with us! So glad you like it. Yours was one of my favorites that I've illustrated :) -Anna

  4. Thanks, Anna! I absolutely love it :) looking forward to working with Rifle again very soon!



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