Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fresh Find | appetite for aprons

I don't know what it is -- perhaps the spring season lingering around these days -- but I have such an appetite for a cute apron to use in my kitchen. With a little e-window shopping, I stumbled upon these three really cute aprons, bursting with many happy spirits:
{1} Crate & Barrel Stock Pot II apron / {2} West Elm Fishes apron / {3} Williams-Sonoma Whisk Icon apron

I love the playful patterns of each, so choosing one to sport during my adventures in the kitchen will be tough (though, I think I'm leaning towards the one from Williams-Sonoma). Much help would be appreciated in helping me decide -- or perhaps you've seen some awesomely designed aprons elsewhere! All suggestions are welcome! :)

Crate & Barrel
Stock Pot II apron
Price point: $16.95, here at Crate & Barrel

West Elm
Fishes apron
Price point: $19, here at West Elm

Whisk Icon apron
Price point: $29.95, here at Williams-Sonoma


  1. Very cute but I think I can do you one better! It's got measurement conversions printed upside down so you can read it while you cook!


  2. OMG, that is so cool! Love it :D definitely in the running now :P

  3. http://www.surlatable.com/product/PRO-883439/Prime-Cut-Apron

    I also like the one that Shayna posted. They also have it available at ThinkGeek.com (in case you already have an account there).


  4. Thanks, D! :) I like the Prime Cut one a lot! Will have to keep looking!



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