Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fresh Find | Knock Knock foodie goods

Ariana surprised me with two belated birthday gifts. She definitely knows the way to my heart is with anything food related. She really found some really quirky, cool things for me to allow me to be the best foodie a girl can be!

She got me a deck of Foodie Flashcards, which makes a great gift for that special foodie in your life (thank you, Ariana!), or for you and your friends to get up to speed on foodie lingo. The deck of cards guarantees you'll be speaking "omnivoriously" in no time! The cards within the deck have two sides. One side reads a particular "foodie" related word (e.g., crudo), and the other side, its meaning, along with a cheeky diagram and cleverly crafted sentence (both humorous and sly). Along with the cards, there is a game insert, which reads ways as to how to play with the deck of flashcards in game. Can't wait to whip these out at my next dinner party!

Also, she remembered how much fun she had at my birthday wine tasting at Bacchus Wines last year, so she thought this Rate That Wine pad would be a great for the aspiring wino in me. I told her it'd be perfect for my upcoming trip to San Francisco (and Napa Valley!) with Marcus--it'll definitely help me with the notetaking!

Anyways, a big thank you to Ariana for thinking of me and finding these really cute items from Knock Knock!

Knock Knock
Rate That Wine pad and Foodie Flashcards
Price point: $8 and $11, here and here at knockknock.biz


  1. OOooh I want the rate the wine one! I bought the All Out Of pad with a rockin' check-off grocery list and LOVE it.

  2. Ooh! The pads from Knock Knock are so awesome! I'm looking to get these:


    Ahhh I love making lists and crossing things off them--makes me feel productive and accomplished :)



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