Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fresh Find | MOO cards

Before I start resuming regular blog posts (more to come shortly, I promise!), I just wanted to share a little something! The MOO MiniCards (aka miniature business cards) I ordered for Four Tines and a Napkin arrived this weekend!

Here's the one box of MOO MiniCards that I ordered. Such cute packaging!

Inside the box is a mini "filing cabinet" for my MiniCards ("MINE") and others I receive ("THEIRS").

Four Tines and a Napkin signature image on one side (haha, look familiar?)!

Here's the very important information that reads on the backside. They came out really nicely--very professional looking, if I do say so myself ;] I can't wait to start handing these out to promote the blog! I highly recommend using for all of your postcard/business card/mini business card/greeting card needs. It's very affordable (see price point below) and easy to do! They have pre-made designs to choose from for those who just want an easy template to work with. They also have the ability to let you customize your desired print-item by letting you add your own image/logo! They have many template settings for text as well!

MOO Inc.
MiniCards, predesigned or customizable
Price point: 100 for $19.99, here at


  1. stefie, these are so cute!! i want to order some now :)

  2. Do itttt! :D I promise you won't regret it! Plus, we can swap cards!!



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